Tom Izzo may be done in the transfer portal

Michigan State v Purdue
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Tom Izzo began the transfer portal extremely fast, for his standards, and that intensity was rewarded a few days ago when Frankie Fidler committed to Michigan State. Many were uncertain if Izzo would use the portal this year simply because he hasn't in previous years and is very vocal about his displeasure for it. However, he put that aside this year and got a huge commitment from Fidler.

Now Michigan State fans have to sit and wonder if Izzo will get another transfer this offseason. I think most feel strongly that the Spartans need a center from the portal, but I'm not so sure Izzo agrees. In fact, I think some signs point towards Izzo being done with the portal for the offseason.

Izzo is focusing on high school recruiting now

The reason I think Izzo might be done with the portal this offseason is because of his actions since Fidler committed. He committed just a few days ago on April 23, but ever since then, Izzo has already been out recruiting many prospects from high school. He has not been linked to or connected with any new transfers in the portal.

Since Fidler committed, Izzo has actually gone and visited with two high school recruits already. The first was five-star forward Niko Bundalo and the second was four-star forward Jordan Scott.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand that recruiting high school prospects is still extremely important, so Izzo needs to make these visits regardless. But if Izzo has intentions of getting another player in the portal he isn't acting urgently enough. So the fact that Izzo hasn't been connected with a new transfer in what's been at least a week tells me he might be done.

Sure there is still plenty of time for him to get involved with a new transfer and there will even be new players who enter the portal for another week still. But my gut tells me that Izzo is done in the portal, and I think that is a mistake.