I hope Tom Izzo doesn't make the same mistake as last season

Michigan State v North Carolina
Michigan State v North Carolina / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

Michigan State and Tom Izzo so far have done a really solid job this offseason in the transfer portal. On Tuesday they earned a commitment from a talented transfer forward in Frankie Fidler who will likely be a starter the second he gets to campus. That pickup has all of Spartan Nation feeling a lot more confident in the roster as we head into next season.

However, the roster as it currently stands feels very similar to how we felt this time last year. We feel very confident about each position on the floor, other than the center. That was the case heading into this past season and that's where Michigan State currently stands.

Now I just hope Izzo doesn't make the same mistake he made last season.

Tom Izzo needs to add a center in the portal

Nothing about last year's team was perfect, but I'd argue that positions 1-4 were about as good as we could ever hope for at Michigan State. But the one thing MSU was missing was a quality center. Now I know the center spot wasn't the only issue on the team, but just imagine how much better Michigan State could have been with even just an average center.

Spacing would've opened up everywhere on the floor and MSU's guards would have seen more open looks from the outside. The offense would have flown a lot better resulting in a much better season than what actually happened. But Izzo made the mistake last year to not add a center from the portal when most of Spartan Nation felt he should have.

At the end of the day, Izzo got the benefit of the doubt which I think he deserved, he's the Hall of Fame coach at the end of the day, not any of us fans. But his experiment last year failed, and he can't make the same decision again.

Now don't get me wrong, I think Carson Cooper and Jaxon Kohler can still be solid centers for Michigan State this year. But I don't think either can be MSU's starter. They both can do very well off the bench and give the Spartans plenty of quality minutes, but Izzo needs to bring in someone new to play a majority of the minutes down low.

I think many of us feel like Izzo won't make a move for a center in the portal, and to be fair he hasn't even contacted one in the portal yet anyways. But there is still time for Izzo to prove us wrong. The portal stays open until May 1, so there likely will be many more additions that could make Izzo interested.

But when it's all said and done, he needs to get someone. It doesn't even have to be a star transfer who will come in and dominate, it only needs to be someone who can play solid defense, rebound the ball well and score a couple baskets when needed. That player is out there in abundance in the portal, so now it's time for Izzo to learn from his previous mistakes, make the call, and bring in a new center.