Tom Izzo prioritizing one of the top 2025 recruits

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Is there a harder working coach in college basketball than Tom Izzo? I honestly don’t think there is.

Izzo is constantly out on the recruiting trail making contact with his top recruiting targets. He’s even making countless in person visits during the regular season way more often than other coaches do. This work ethic by far is one of the reasons why he is one of the all time great college basketball coaches.

Yet another example of this work eithic has surfaced as Izzo was out recruiting one of this top targets in the 2025 class earlier this week.

Niko Bundalo is a 6-foot-11 power forward in the class of 2025 from Hudson, Ohio. Michigan State has made him a huge priority in the 2025 class, and for good reason -- 247Sports has him as a high four-star prospect and the No. 31 player in the country. As it stands today, 247Sports only has 11 five-stars in the class. But that will expand in the future, and Bundalo will likely be a player that will earn his fifth star in the coming months.

On the surface this may seem like a pretty normal visit, but Izzo went above and beyond to make this visit happen. This visit with Bundalo occurred immediately after transfer Frankie Fidler committed to Michigan State. So it would have been very easy for Izzo to relax for even a day and celebrate this news.

But that’s not the Izzo way. He put his head down and proved once again why he is one of the best coaches and recruiters in the country.

Bundalo does not have a commitment date or a top schools list released yet, but if Izzo continues to prioritize him it’s likely safe to assume that they are firmly in the mix. Time will tell how in the mix MSU actually is, but a future visit to Michigan State is definitely on the table for Bundalo.