New J’Vonne Hadley recruitment update a good sign for Michigan State basketball

Colorado v Marquette
Colorado v Marquette / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

The J’Vonne Hadley recruitment is turning into quite the back and forth affair. The talented guard from Colorado entered the transfer portal a few weeks ago and quickly announced who his top two programs are by scheduling Zoom meetings with them. Those two programs were Iowa State and Michigan State basketball.

A few days later, Iowa State picked up a transfer commitment from a different player who just so happens to play the same position as Hadley. I took this as positive news for the Spartans thinking he wouldn’t want to transfer to a school who’s already bringing in a similar player. That thought process proved to be incorrect.

Fast forward to April 7 and Hadley received two crystal ball predictions on 24Sports in favor of Iowa State. These two predictions came from an Iowa State insider and an MSU insider, so this seemed like the end of his recruitment. Once again, that thought process seems to be incorrect.

Just two days later on April 9, MSU insider Justin Thind changed his official prediction from Iowa State to undecided. The very next day, the Iowa State insider followed suit. This change could mean a lot of things, but could this suggest that Michigan State’s back in the running?

Since the Spartans were the only other team who publically held a Zoom meeting with Hadley, you might think they could be turning into the frontrunners. And that very well could be the case. But there are many other possibilities as well.

Maybe Hadley is having second thoughts and wants to stay at Colorado. Maybe a completely different school is getting in the mix. There’s also still a very real chance that he could end up at Iowa State as well. So this change in prediction really only tell us Spartan fans one thing. Michigan State and Tom Izzo still have a chance.

Hadley is the first recruit that MSU was publically connected with, so it’s clear Izzo really wants him. So I would not be surprised if Izzo has been working some of his magic and got back in the thick of this recruitment. Unfortunately we don’t exactly know where Hadley stands right now, but this news is can't hurt Michigan State.