Michigan State basketball schedules Zoom meeting with Colorado transfer

Colorado v Florida
Colorado v Florida / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

Well everyone, it appears our wish a coming true. Tom Izzo is officially active in the transfer portal. A few days ago it was released that Michigan State basketball had made contact with a transfer from Colorado, but we still didn’t know how hard MSU was pushing.

That question however was just answered as the Spartans are one of two teams that have a Zoom meeting scheduled with J’Vonne Hadley.

Hadley is a transfer wing from Colorado. He's coming off a very solid season with the Buffalos after averaging 11.6 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per game. He did this while shooting an efficient 54 percent from the field, 42 percent from behind the arc, and 84 percent from the free throw line. I don’t know about you, but I would do anything to have someone with those stats at MSU.

He would slide in beautifully at the wing and would likely be someone who could compete for a starting spot. Especially with guys like Malik Hall and Tyson Walker departing, Hadley could earn a lot of their minutes right away. He is a true two-way player who would be a great locker room addition as well.

Iowa State is the other program with a Zoom meeting scheduled with Hadley as well. It’s unclear who the leader in his recruitment is, but the Spartans have to feel confident that they’re in the top two. Michigan State also has a few interesting connections to Hadley that could work in their favor as well.

Hadley went to the same high school as current Spartan Tre Holloman. Tre is a few classes younger, but it’s safe to assume they know each other pretty well. Hadley also began his college career at Northeastern where he played a season with Tyson Walker. Yes Tyson will be gone next season, but Walker could still get in his ear and help recruit convince Hadley to come to East Lansing. There’s no telling if these connections will help MSU or not, but it definitely can’t hurt.

Both Zoom meetings are scheduled for April 1, so we likely will hear more information on his recruitment soon. Hadley also plans to make his final decision within the next couple of weeks, so hopefully us Spartan fans get some really good news soon.