Michigan State basketball gets positive news in J’Vonne Hadley recruitment

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Colorado v Utah / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

Michigan State basketball is in the middle of arguably their most important offseason this century. After four seasons of below-average results, the Spartans need to get back on track next season.

That all begins with the transfer portal.

Tom Izzo has not been a fan of using the portal in recent years, but that is not the case this season. Izzo has not only initially contacted a recruit in the portal, but was one of two schools to have a Zoom meeting with the player. That player is J’Vonne Hadley, and the Spartans received some good news on Tuesday regarding his recruitment.

The other school to have a Zoom meeting with Hadley is Iowa State. So it became very clear right away that Iowa State and MSU are the two most likely schools to land Hadley. However, Iowa State picked up a commitment from a different transfer on Tuesday, who just so happens to play the same position as Hadley.

Now this pickup for Iowa State does not mean they are out of the running for Hadley. The Cyclones are reportedly interested in getting multiple transfers this offseason, and that includes still getting Hadley. So Izzo will have to work just as hard still to win this recruitment.

But there’s no denying that this development helps MSU’s chances. However, now Izzo can play the card that Michigan State has more playing time to offer Hadley which is a huge factor in nearly everyone’s recruitments.

No official predictions have been made for Hadley’s commitment yet, but we likely will hear a final decision soon. Hadley intends to commit within a week or two, but there’s always a chance it could be even sooner. More news is likely on the horizon, but I’ve got a good feeling now that Michigan State wins this recruitment and brings Hadley to East Lansing.