Michigan State football players reaffirm they’re locked in amid mad dash to portal

Michigan State's Darius Snow, right, tackles Maryland's Rakim Jarrett during the first quarter on
Michigan State's Darius Snow, right, tackles Maryland's Rakim Jarrett during the first quarter on / Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA

There’s no denying that it has been a rough week for the Michigan State football program. Sure the team earned a couple big commitments, including transfer EDGE Anthony Jones and three star class of 2025 high school quarterback Leo Hannan. But even with all the good that both of these commitments brought MSU, it still has been rough sledding in the transfer portal.

Jonathan Smith is working hard to get more commitments from the portal, but he has been unable to stop the bleeding from current Spartans entering the portal themselves. It’s felt like many days in a row at this point that at least one Michigan State player decides to go portaling. Some days it’s even been more than one.

But the biggest loss so far has been on the defensive line as Michigan State has lost multiple veteran and extremely talented, young linemen in the room. However, even when things have been looking bad, that hasn’t stopped some from inside the program still sharing their excitement to be on the team.

In fact, a few players even took to social media to share that they are 100 percent locked in with Michigan State and not going anywhere. Here are a few of those posts from some key Spartans.

Even Kris “Big Dooley” Phillips shared that Michigan State is “home” for him.

These three players are the exact players Michigan State needs right now. The sky may feel like it’s falling in East Lansing, but it’s guys like these three, and many others, who will keep the team and locker room intact. They will be the ones to rally the troops and make the team believe that they can still be great even with all these other players leaving.

So don’t give up on this team even if you are feeling discouraged. Nobody likes going through what Michigan State is going through right now, but I have full faith that they will come out stronger than before when it’s all said and done. And a lot of that will be thanks to these vocal players listed above.