Michigan State basketball no longer an option for J’Vonne Hadley

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The good and the bad

It was after Hadley's Zoom meeting with both Michigan State and Iowas State when things became very interesting. Days after the meetings, Iowa State picked up a commitment from the transfer portal. There was only one problem for the Cyclones, that player was not J'Vonne Hadley.

The Cyclones instead received a commitment from a different transfer who happens to play the same position as Hadley. I took this as great news for Michigan State, thinking Hadley wouldn't want to transfer to the same school as a player at the same position. This thought process however seemed incorrect.

Soon after this other player's commitment, another twist to Hadley's recruitment spelled bad news for the Spartans on April 6th. Two crystal ball predictions on 247Sports came through in favor of Iowa State. One prediction was from an Iowa State insider and the second came from well known Michigan Sate insider Justin Thind.

So in the span of a few days, we (or at least me) went from thinking the Spartans were in the lead in Hadley's recruitment to trailing the Cyclones. That however once again proved to potentially be incorrect.