3 things I hope to see from Michigan State basketball during Moneyball Day 3

Can Michigan State basketball players shine at Moneyball again this week?
Ohio State v Michigan State
Ohio State v Michigan State / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages
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The annual Moneyball Pro Am is returning for its second week after a week off last week due to the holiday, and I can’t wait.

I need as many doses of Michigan State basketball to get me through the offseason as I can, and thankfully Moneyball will occur every Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the summer.

Night one and night two were both a success and saw many Spartans stand out in their own way. But there are still a few things I hope to see this week that we haven’t seen quite yet.

Here are the three things I hope to see from Michigan State’s players at Moneyball this week.

1. Improved 3-point shooting

One of the biggest question marks next season is 3-point shooting. Last year’s team struggled at times shooting the ball from deep, and then they lost some of their better 3-point shooters in Malik Hall and Tyson Walker.

Now the 3-point shooting from Michigan State’s players wasn’t bad by any means during the first week of Moneyball, but I feel like I didn’t see enough of it. Some guys like Frankie Fidler, Kur Teng, and surprisingly Coen Carr did well, but I want to see them continue to do well and see some others stand out as well.

Scoring will always be easier at Moneyball compared to the regular season, so if the guys continue to struggle from deep then I’ll be extremely nervous heading into the regular season.