3 takeaways from Michigan State basketball players at night 3 of Moneyball

Hello Frankie Fidler.
Stetson v Nebraska- Omaha
Stetson v Nebraska- Omaha / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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Moneyball is back after taking a week off during the holiday, and man did the Michigan State basketball players not disappoint.

The Spartans got off to a great start two weeks ago in night one and night two of Moneyball, but night three on Tuesday may have been better than the first two.

Here are the three things that stuck out to me the most from night three of Moneyball on Tuesday.

1. Frankie Fidler is here to dominate

When Frankie Fidler transferred to Michigan State, the hope would be that he would immediately become one of the Spartan’s better players. Fidler just averaged about 20 points per game last season at Omaha, and while that would be extremely difficult to average at Michigan State the hope is he’d get as close to that as possible.

And Tuesday night at Moneyball, Fidler finally showed us what he can really do.

Fidler exploded for 45 points which included a whopping six made 3-pointers. For a team that struggled to shoot the ball from deep last year, this is a huge sign for Michigan State this season.

But those 3-pointers weren’t your average long-range shots, some were from nearly half court.

Now I obviously don’t expect Fidler to shoot shots that deep during the regular season, but knowing he has that range is massive. Fidler is showing he can score the ball at any level, and that’s exactly who MSU had hoped they were getting when he transferred to Michigan State.