Former Spartan Garrick Sherman drunkenly calls out NCAA in Twitter rant


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Garrick Sherman is a name that seems to fall by the wayside in terms of Michigan State players to make a Final Four under Tom Izzo. However, the former Spartan center played a minor role on that team and helped guys like Durrell Summers get there and stay out of trouble — literally.

Sherman wasn’t a star player, by any means, but he was just a young gun on a team full of stars when he got to East Lansing in 2009.

The 6-foot-11, 255-pound center wasn’t a major contributor on the court, but according to a recent drunken tirade on Twitter, he played a big role in keeping players away from suspension — or even worse.

On Wednesday evening, or Thursday morning where he is overseas in the country of Georgia where he plays professionally, Sherman took to Twitter to absolutely tear into the NCAA as well as the Michigan State teams he was a part of before transferring to Notre Dame prior to his junior season.

It seems like Garrick had a few too many drinks and needed some sleep seeing as it was almost 5:45 a.m. in Georgia by the time he finished his rant.

Let’s hope he sleeps this one off.

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