Michigan State basketball: Tyson Walker got acquainted with Michigan rivalry immediately

One of the coolest aspects of the Thy Shadows event that Michigan State football put together on Friday night was the celebration of other sports, including Michigan State basketball.

There was a highlight video of all of Michigan State’s sports from the 2022-2023 school year and it had plenty of clips from the basketball team. Although the Spartans’ run was cut short in the Sweet 16, most of the team comes back and excitement surrounding the squad is at an all-time high.

Tyson Walker, Malik Hall, and AJ Hoggard even made an appearance at the event on Friday night and got to answer some questions from Darien Harris.

The Michigan rivalry was a big topic throughout the event as Alan Haller, Mel Tucker, and Harris all spoke about the rivalry being important so the question came up while all three were on stage. Harris asked Walker how quickly it took him to grow accustomed to the rivalry since he was a transfer from Northeastern.

His answer was perfect.

“Just a couple conversations with people from there.”

That’s about as perfect of an answer as you can give. To me, that means it only took him a couple of interactions with Michigan fans and/or players for him to feel the bitterness of the rivalry.

It didn’t take Walker long to feel what we all feel.

Michigan State basketball is all business

It was cool to listen to Hall, Walker, and Hoggard speak at the event, but it was clear that they were all business and weren’t going to hype up the season too much because they know what the expectations are.

I mean, you could hardly get a smile from Walker.

Hoggard spoke highly of Tom Izzo and the fanbase, Hall praised the MSU community, and Walker gave some candid answers throughout the appearance.

The season can’t come soon enough.