Where does Michigan State basketball stand with 3 wing transfer targets?

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3. Keyshawn Hall

George Mason guard Keyshawn Hall is the third and final transfer MSU has been publically linked with so far this offseason. April 4 was a good night for MSU because right after the news about Frankie Fidler we found out that Michigan State has contacted Hall as well.

We still don't know where we officially stand with Hall yet, but there hasn't been many other teams publically linked to him in the portal. USC has contacted Hall as well and Arkansas has even had a Zoom meeting with Keyshawn at the end of March. So those appear to be his top three schools, but that has not been officially announced yet.

College basketball is currently in a recruiting dead period until April 9th, so we likely won't hear any more news about transfers until then. But one important thing to note is that Izzo could have contacted other players in the portal already that we don't even know about. Sometimes players don't publically announce who's contacted them, and other times the team will ask the player not to list them publically right away. So there is a realistic chance other transfers have already been contacted been MSU.

I expect a lot more news will come out about not just these three transfers, but others as well once the recruiting dead period ends. Transfer's recruitments tend to move fast, so stay tuned as more information becomes public about all of these transfers.