Michigan State basketball has contacted forward Keyshawn Hall in transfer portal

George Mason v George Washington
George Mason v George Washington / G Fiume/GettyImages

Michigan State basketball and Tom Izzo are on a roll when it comes to the transfer portal. They now have been publicly linked to three names in the transfer portal, which is three more than they were last season.

The first was J’Vonne Hadley from Colorado who has MSU in his top two. The second is Frankie Fidler from Omaha, who just put the Spartans in his top four and will be visiting East Lansing on April 12. Now there is a third name Spartan fans should monitor, who is yet another solid option for Michigan State.

Keyshawn Hall is another name that MSU and Izzo have reportedly reached out to in the portal. Hall is a 6-foot-7 guard from George Mason who originally began his career at UNLV. He struggled to see the court at UNLV as a freshman, but he transferred to George Mason last year and made an immediate impact.

This season he averaged 16.6 points and 8.1 rebounds per game as a sophomore. That’s right, 8.1 rebounds per game as a guard. It’s been awhile since Michigan State has had a big guard who can rebound that well, but it certainly would be a welcomed site again.

Hall is also a very solid 3-point shooter as well. This year he averaged 36 percent from behind the arc which is very good, but as a freshman at UNLV he shot 50 percent from deep. So even though Hall took a step back this year, he’s proven that he can light it up from deep.

It’s clear at this point what Izzo is looking for in the portal. A strong, physical wing who can attack the rim while hitting deep jump shots as well. Izzo also appears to be looking for guys who are versatile and who are effective on both ends of the floor. Hall is just that as he is a solid defender as well and can play the four if needed.

There isn’t much news that has been released about Hall's recruitment yet, but we do know a few other teams involved. News also came out Thursday night that USC has contacted Keyshawn as well. But the one team that might be out in front is Arkansas. The Razorbacks have already held a Zoom meeting with Hall at the end of March, so it’s clear there is a lot of mutual interest there.

Hall is someone I really hope Izzo can get. Many guys out there could make an impact in East Lansing, but his versatility and strength is something that not many players posses. He could come in and compete for a lot of playing time right away, and could even spend the next two years at MSU as well. He is someone I am all in on, now we just have to hope Izzo can get Hall to visit campus next.