Watch Aidan Chiles' spring Michigan State football practice highlights (Video)

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Aidan Chiles. Have you heard the name before? The Michigan State football quarterback hasn't even played a down of football yet for the Spartans but is drawing so much interest from the entire country. Spartan fans are rightfully excited for Chiles, as we haven't seen elite quarterback play in East Lansing since Connor Cook was still in town. That, however, could change this fall as Chiles has all the makings of the next elite Michigan State quarterback.

Spring practice is now well underway as Tuesday marked the seventh practice of the year.

Thanks to many members of our local media, we were able to get a first hand look at Chiles and the rest of the Spartan football team as they worked through some drills Tuesday morning. As you likely would guess, Chiles was featured in many of these posts working through quarterback and offensive drills.

Here are some of his best plays from Aidan in Tuesday's practice.

I know a lot of you probably don't want to get too excited over practice reps, especialy those without any defenders, but it's extrememly hard for me not to. Especially that second throw where Chiles found Alante Brown in stride in the corner of the end zone. Throw in defenders and that play likely would still result in a touchdown.

The hype for Aidan Chiles is ever-growing, and the countdown for his first game is in full swing. Jonathan Smith already said they Chiles likely will be the starter, so now it's just a matter of time to see if he becomes the next great Spartan QB like we know he can be.