Unfortunate outcome for Malik Hall at NBA Summer League night one

Malik Hall needs to be ready when his number is called.
Michigan State v Purdue
Michigan State v Purdue / David Berding/GettyImages

Saturday marked the first night of the Summer League, and multiple Michigan State basketball players are featured on NBA rosters. The one Spartan whose team played Saturday night was Malik Hall, who will play with the Charlotte Hornets for the summer.

Hall was not drafted by a team in this summer’s NBA draft nor was he signed as an undrafted free agent. So the next best thing for him was to be picked up to play in the NBA’s Summer League, which thankfully the Charlotte Hornets did.

There’s only one problem. Hall did not play in the Hornets 97-65 win over the San Antonio Spurs.

Now typically the Summer League rosters are quite large for every team, so it’s pretty much impossible to play everyone each game. But for someone like Hall, this is his only chance where he’s able to show NBA teams what he’s made of. So missing out on any opportunity is a huge deal.

On the bright side however, the Hornets still have many more games during the Summer League coming up. The games come quick with the Hornets next outing coming on Sunday. After that game, the Hornets will still have five more games within a two week stretch where Hall will be able to make his mark.

So there’s an extremely high chance we will get to see Hall in action very soon, if not in their next game on Sunday.

You also have to think that the Hornets added Hall to their roster for a reason. They wouldn’t add someone just to add them and never give them a chance. They clearly saw something in Hall to give him this chance, so they’d be silly to not give him a few looks.

Now let’s hope Hall makes the most of the first opportunity he gets so the Hornets have to continue playing him throughout the summer. And if we know anything about Hall, he’ll be ready when his number’s called.