The 3 best things Aidan Chiles said after the Spring Showcase (Video)

Minnesota v Michigan State
Minnesota v Michigan State / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages
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Michigan State football’s Spring Showcase is officially complete, and man what a great time it was. I know this event doesn’t compare to the feeling of a fall regular season game in East Lansing, but this year’s event felt special for many reasons.

The roster looks very different from last year after all the movement in the transfer portal. The coaching staff and style of play are also night and day compared to last year. And the one person everyone was most excited to see, quarterback Aidan Chiles, shined in his first outing at Spartan Stadium.

Speaking of Chiles, he took the time to address the media after the showcase on Saturday and shared some awesome quotes and perspectives about the team and Michigan State in general. Here are the three best things he shared during his press conference.

1. Chiles speaks on the culture at Michigan State

One thing that made me a little nervous heading into the new era of Michigan State football is if the overall culture at MSU would stay in place. With new coach Jonathan Smith and a lot of new players on the team now, the culture of the football team was bound to change. But the one thing that was important to me was that the culture with the fanbase would remain the same.

According to what Chiles shared, that appears to be the case.

After the Spring Showcase, Chiles said “Starting the day signing autographs was great. Realizing how much of a family this is. Really, this is a new system for everybody. Think we really showed something today and really proud of us today."

Chiles’ interactions with the fanbase also show me how great of a leader he is. Just think of all of the greatest recent Michigan State leaders, guys like Cassius Winston and Kirk Cousins. Those two were always very interactive with the fanbase, and that’s one of the many reasons why they both were so great. Chiles appears to be taking this same approach, which is awesome for the culture.