Michigan State Football: 3 traditions I want to see in EA Sports College Football 25

Michigan State v Ohio State
Michigan State v Ohio State / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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The announcement of the return of EA Sports College Football 25 has set the video game world ablaze. It has been confirmed that Michigan State football will be a playable team with the ability to play as your favorite players like Aidan Chiles, Nathan Carter, and Jordan Hall.

There have been leaks and previews featuring unique traditions like Notre Dame's "Play Like A Champion Today" sign and even a rough draw of Sparty planting a flag. But how far will the game developers go?

Here are three traditions I would like to see when playing in Spartan Stadium in the new College Football 25 video game.

1. 50/50 raffle announcement

Look, it's no secret that the on-field performance in Spartan Stadium has been lackluster, at minimum, and at its worst, makes a colonoscopy look like a Rose Bowl berth. At least on TV, you can either turn it off or use it as background noise for your weekend chores.

Watching a stinker in person can be a punishment worse than death and while alcohol sales and Melting Moments can ease some of that pain, the greatest feeling one can get while watching their beloved Spartans down by 17 in the third quarter is the few precious seconds of hope when they announce that it is time for the 50/50 raffle with just you and six numbers away from $18K.

You can feel it in your bones this time. You were meant to be at this game. The suffering of watching the dreck on the field will all be worth it when they call those magic numbers. You hold your $40 ticket in your sweaty palms, heart rate already elevated in excitement. Your entire life has led to this.

While $18K ($12,915 after taxes courtesy of TaxAct) won't help you retire, it will certainly help. Maybe pay off student loans, finally buy that property up north you've been talking about for the last six years, or maybe just take the wife and kids on a vacation -- they, and you, deserve it.

Just as you start to pick your destination, they annoucing the winning number and surprise, surprise., you don't even match the first number. Every single solution to your problems is at your fingertips and you fumble it like your name is Devin Gardner. Reality snaps back. The Spartans are now down 24, they've stopped selling alcohol and the sun is accelerating your hangover.

The AI crowd should not be immune to this. If the developers are as advanced as we all think they are, they'll program the raffle announcement in the game during a timeout and all you'll see is 15,000 pieces of paper in the air with a collective groan.