Michigan State basketball no longer an option for J’Vonne Hadley

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Michigan State makes initial contact

Hadley's recruitment started out as any normal transfer portal recruitment would would. We typically do not know the exact date that Michigan State, or any school for that matter, reaches out to a transfer until they release their list of schools who have contacted them. That happened on March 28th when Hadley released a list of 16 schools who have contacted him. The Spartans were included in that list as well as Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa State, Nebraska and UCLA.

Hadley then foucsed in on a two of these schools and set up Zoom meetings with them. Those two schools were Michigan State and Iowa State. Based on this news alone, it was clear at this time that the Spartans and the Cyclones were his top two schools.

Iowa State is an interesting program to be matched up with. They had the better team this past season by far, but Michigan State clearly has the all time better program and head coach in Tom Izzo. The reason though that makes this extremely interesting is that Hadley's cousin is on Iowa State's team. So even though the Spartans have some connections to Hadley, the Cyclones connections is definitely more meaningful.

At this point though, this has been straightforward recruitment, but what happens next is what makes this recruitment a wild one to follow.