Michigan State basketball is "trending" for Frankie Fidler, per 247Sports insider

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All of the talk surrounding Michigan State basketball right now is about transfer Frankie Fidler. The talented forward from Omaha is fresh off a visit to East Lansing last week, which was his last visit with the schools in his top four. It sounds like that visit went extremely well for the Spartans, but a lot was still unknown about where MSU stands because Fidler pushed his commitment back that was supposed to take place on Monday.

No future commitment date has been announced, so we have just been in this weird limbo knowing his visit to Michigan State went well without knowing if it went well enough. That is until 247Sports insider Justin Thind shared some information about Fidler's recruitmet to the public.

On the latest episode of The SD4L show, Justin Thind, along with co-host Matt Sheehan, shared a lot of details about Fidler's recruitment. And it's safe to say that it is very good news for Spartan fans.

Justin Thind is feeling confident in the Frankie Fidler recruitment

When speaking about Fidler's visit to East Lansing, Justin Thind said that Frankie "had as good of a visit as Michigan State could have hoped for."

Thind then began discussing Fidler cancelling his original commitment date this past Monday and how that was a good sign for MSU as well. Thind shared, "That was good news for Michigan State. I think no matter how you look at it. Wisconsin, here they are leading for at least a week if not longer..." Thind continued, "Their (Wisconsin) two, two and a half week lead was at least wiped down to the point where he no longer could decide on Monday, if not them falling to second place."

He wrapped up this discussion on Fidler by saying, "Michigan State is the team trending there right now. Now they just have to hold on until he announces his commitment."

The one thing Justin didn't share and he actually flat out said he doesn't know is when a commitment from Fidler is expected. He did say that it should be within a week or two from his originally scheduled commitment date, but nothing has been set in stone yet.

At this point, I don't even care when he commits. Sure it sounds like the sooner the better for MSU, but the fact that this recruitment is trending towards good news for Michigan State is all I need to hear. Now as Thind said, the Spartans just need to hold on until Fidler announces his commitment, but for the time being this recruitment is going as good as possible for Tom Izzo and Michigan State.