Jonathan Smith's recruiting culture is far superior to Mel Tucker's

Michigan State's head coach Jonathan Smith walks to the sideline during the Spring Showcase on
Michigan State's head coach Jonathan Smith walks to the sideline during the Spring Showcase on / Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA

Michigan State football and Jonathan Smith have been on a heater this past week. Multiple transfers and high school recruits have committed to the program in the past few days, and the recruiting momentum surrounding the program is as high as it's ever been under Smith and his staff.

The way that Smith operates in the recruiting world is a nice change of pace compared to the last staff. And in all honesty, I think it's more fun to follow and better all around for the program as well.

Smith's recruiting culture is far superior to Mel Tucker's

The thing I love most about the way Smith recruits is that he makes so many moves in silence. The greatest example of this is with Indiana transfer cornerback Kobee Minor. The fanbase had no idea that MSU was targeting him until Minor himself announced he was taking a visit to Michigan State the night before it began.

And a couple days later, the crystal ball predictions in Michigan State's favor began rolling in as well.

In my opinion, recruiting is a lot more fun when it's more of a secret who the staff is targeting. It's exciting to see Smith post his "bat signal" online and we have no idea who is about to commit to the program. But Smith moving in silence is also a huge benefit to the program as well.

In today's day in age in the recruiting world, there is so much negative recruiting taking place. Negative recruiting is when another program deliberately talks bad about other programs to a recruit to sway them from going to that school. But negative recruiting can't happen if people don't know who Michigan State is targeting, so Smith keeping a lot of things under wraps is a nice touch.

This change in recruiting style is always a welcomed breath of fresh air after the way Mel Tucker and his staff did things. It seemed like every little thing they did had to be posted everywhere online. And any chance Tucker had to get in front of a camera with his recruits he would take advantage of.

While the head coach is the face of the team, it does get to a point where it's too much. And that is exactly what happened with Tucker. It got to the point where it felt like he cared more about his appearance instead of just doing what he needs to do to make the team better. Smith does not fall into that category. Rarely do we see pictures of Smith with his recruits and when we do, he is always making sure they are the center of attention.

You can tell Smith only cares about football and making the team better, and that is the exact the thing that Michigan State needs in their head coach especially after the debacle that was their last coach.