I'm not in love with Michigan State basketball's latest commitment

Mar 22, 2024; Memphis, TN, USA; Longwood Lancers center Szymon Zapala (12) drives to the basket as
Mar 22, 2024; Memphis, TN, USA; Longwood Lancers center Szymon Zapala (12) drives to the basket as / Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

All Michigan State basketball fans wanted all offseason was for Tom Izzo and his staff to bring in a center from the transfer portal. And they did just that on Tuesday when Szymon Zapala committed to MSU.

Did Izzo grant our wish of bringing in a new center? Technically yes. But I, along with many other MSU fans, are feeling a little underwhelmed with this addition.

I more than anyone else wanted a new center on the roster heading into next season. I thought another body down low would do wonders for the team and raise the ceiling of the team much higher than where it currently sat. But I'm not so sure if the addition of Zapala is the answer at center I was looking for.

Don't get me wrong, Zapala appears to be a decent player. Last season he averaged 9.8 points and 5.6 rebounds in about 16 minutes per game with Longwood. But that was in an extremely weak conference, so there's no guarantee he will perform even remotely close to that in the Big Ten.

But if you go back a little further in his career to his first three seasons at Utah State, you really start to see how much he has struggled. His best season from the three years spent with Utah State was his second where he averaged 1.5 points and 1.8 rebounds per game. This was in the Mountain West conference too which is still a significant step below the Big Ten.

So the fact that Zapala struggled that much in the Mountain West makes me very concerned. Can he be a solid backup off the bench for Michigan State? I suppose so. But I didn't think MSU needed another depth piece, I thought Michigan State needed an alpha in the room who would come in and be the starter, making Jaxon Kohler and Carson Cooper the backup options.

I definitely still want this to work out for both Michigan State and Zapala, because as a fan why wouldn't I, but I'm definitely in the boat where I need to see how this works out when the season begins before I feel any amount of excitement.