Michigan State Football: Le’Veon Bell shows off incredible basketball skills (Video)

Former Michigan State football star may be one of the best players in the NFL, but he also has incredible basketball skills.

Everyone knows just how talented Le’Veon Bell is on the football field. The former Michigan State football star is one of the best running backs in the NFL. In fact, his peers just voted him the No. 9 player in the league and the second-best running back.

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However, he’s an incredible overall athlete. While he’s playing professional football, he also has the skills to make people look silly on the basketball court.

Need evidence? Just watch for yourself:

Steelers fans are breathing a sigh of relief while watching this as it looks like his groin is healthy and he’s ready for a full season in the NFL. He’s also in the middle of contract negotiations which could keep him in Pittsburgh for a lengthy period of time.

Still, it’s hard to find a top-level NFL player who can also play basketball like this. If I didn’t know this was Bell, I would have thought it was a shifty basketball player at a professional or semi-professional level.

It’s a wonder why Tom Izzo didn’t try to get him to participate as a dual-sport athlete while in East Lansing. He could have given some Spartan basketball players a run for their money.

Let’s hope the former Spartan running back can stay healthy for the rest of the offseason and put together his best season in the NFL yet.

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