Where does Michigan State basketball stand with 3 wing transfer targets?

Stetson v Nebraska-Omaha
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2. Frankie Fidler

Forward Frankie Fidler from Omaha is the second transfer MSU has been publicly linked with. It is unknown when Michigan State initially reached out to Frankie, but we did find out on April 4 that Michigan State is in his top four. The other three schools in his top four are Nebraska, Creighton, and Wisconsin.

Tom Izzo and MSU have a good chance at landing Frankie as he will be visiting East Lansing beginning April 12. This will be Frankie's last visit as he as already visited the other three schools in his top four.

Michigan State getting the last visit is a really good sign to me. Batting last in any recruitment can be huge because Michigan State will be the last school on his mind before he commits, and that commitment likely will come soon after his East Lansing visit next weekend. Some recruits also choose to visit their top school last so they can officially commit on the visit if the trip goes well, but there is no indication yet that this is the case with Frankie.

The one thing that give me hesitation is that Frankie is originally from Nebraska. So Creighton and Nebraska would be great options for him if he decides he wants to stay in his home state.