What does each Michigan State basketball freshman need to improve on?

Michigan State v Michigan
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Gehrig Normand

Last is Gehrig Normand, who redshirted this past season. It’s tough to say what he needs to work on the most since we didn’t get to see him play, but I still think the answer for him as quite clear: shooting from beyond the arc.

At times this season, Michigan State was not a great shooting team. But the urgency for Normand to contribute by knocking down shots increases when you factor in that many of this year’s team’s best shooters are graduating.

Thankfully for Normand, shooting is what he is already best at. Coming out of high school, he was known as one of the best shooters in his entire class. Michigan State doesn’t need him to be a lockdown defender or a threat in the post, they need someone who can stretch the floor. That’s exactly who Normand is and what he needs to focus on going into his first year of playing.