What does each Michigan State basketball freshman need to improve on?

Michigan State v Michigan
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Jeremy Fears Jr.

I think Jeremy Fears Jr. is the one Spartan everyone is most excited to see next year. His season was unfairly cut short after being shot in the leg mid-December, but he has progressed very well in his recovery and should be ready to go next season.

Fears has already shown that he is elite on offense. He also has proven to be a solid defender as well. So the one thing he needs to improve on is his leadership.

Now don’t get me wrong, Fears already might be the best leader on this team. But that’s not a good sign for any team if a freshman is your best leader. The reason leadership is the most important thing for Fears to work on even if he’s already great at it is because this year’s team was missing a leader all season. It seemed like nobody was willing to speak up and challenge the team during difficult moments. But I think Fears can be that guy and really take on that role this offseason.