What does each Michigan State basketball freshman need to improve on?

Michigan State v Michigan
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Coen Carr

Coen Carr is the second freshman that we’re hoping to see a huge jump (pun intended) before next season. We all know his athleticism is off the charts, but he needs to add a second piece to his offensive game to make him a huge threat. And that is a reliable jump shot.

This season, the Spartans' opponents were able to sag off Carr defensively when he was in the game. He was zero threat at even hitting a midrange jump shot, so teams were able to scheme him out of the game altogether.

But a reliable jump shot will force teams to guard Carr like every other player. They will have to pick him up at all times in the half court which will make it that much easier for Carr to take advantage of his athleticism. When defenders have to guard him tighter, he will be able to drive past them and attack the rim while also creating easy looks for his teammates. This would take Carr’s game to the next level and allow him to play significant minutes off the bench next season.