What does each Michigan State basketball freshman need to improve on?

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Next year’s Michigan State basketball team is going to look much different from this year’s team. Simply because so many of the star players this year won’t be on the roster next season. Malik Hall and Tyson Walker are for sure gone, and AJ Hoggard and Mady Sissoko could be gone as well.

That means many underclassmen will have to step up next year. There are many players that can step up, but I think MSU will need this year’s freshman class to step up the most.

So what does each freshman need to improve on the most this offseason?

Xavier Booker

Xavier Booker very well might be the player Michigan State needs to take the biggest leap next season. He easily has the most potential, and that potential is mostly untapped due to a lack of playing time this season.

But to reach that potential, he has a few things he needs to improve on.

The things Booker needs to improve on are the two things that kept him off the court this season. Rebounding and defense. His offense has always been excellent, but it was these two things that made Tom Izzo hesitant to play him. Booker did improve on both things as the season progressed, and that’s why he started to play more. But if he is going to be the full time starter we all want him to be, he needs to drastically improve in both defense and rebounding.