Top 5 Michigan State football NFL Draft busts

These five former Michigan State football players had high expectations in the NFL but will always be remembered as busts.
Tony Mandarich
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No. 1: DE Dimitrius Underwood

It is rare for a first-round pick to never play a game with the team that drafts him but that's exactly what happened with Dimitrius Underwood, a former defensive end from Michigan State. Surely, that wasn't the plan when the Minnesota Vikings took Underwood with the No. 29 overall pick in the first round of the 1999 draft.

Many thought that Underwood should not have been a first-round pick, though. That's because he milked an ankle injury as a reason to avoid playing his senior season at MSU when many believed mental health issues were to blame.

Still, the Vikings rolled the dice and took a chance on the physically gifted athlete. That would be a bad move. On the first day of training camp his rookie year, Underwood would leave the team citing religious reasons. He would not return to the Vikings at all.

It only got worse when he was signed a month later by the Miami Dolphins. Later that season, Underwood would take a knife to his own neck and wander down the road rambling about God before being detained by authorities. Eventually, in 2000, he would land with the Dallas Cowboys where he would play a handful of games making 23 tackles and 4 sacks.

Unfortunately, he would again risk his life by walking into traffic twice on purpose. That would spell the end of his NFL career and would make him one of the worst draft picks in the history of the league.