The 3 unexpected ways Michigan State basketball beat Michigan and what it means

Michigan State v Michigan
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What it means

The good news is that any Tom Izzo team that has made the Final Four has won in Ann Arbor and any team to lose at Crisler has not made the Final Four. The other good news is that Michigan State played a C+ game, getting out-rebounded and having another poor 3-point shooting day and still came out with a double-digit conference road win.

The bad news is that coming up short in rebounding and 3-point shooting and still coming away with a win is the exception, not the rule. In their last three losses, the Spartans made fewer 3-point shots than their opponent and were out-rebounded by both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

But going 8-2 in their last 10 games means something. Rising into the top 30 in KenPom offense and defense really means something because a team outside the top 30 in either category has never won an NCAA title.

We continuously doubt Izzo, me included, and once again, he has this team winning games at the right time. While I still have about 20 disagreements per game about Izzo's strategy, I can't argue that this team can make a deep run when they are firing on all cylinders.

Malik Hall, Tyson Walker, Jaden Akins, and AJ Hoggard are all taking turns being the leader when they others are having off days. The bench is getting more comfortable with each passing game, giving fans comfort when Walker, Hoggard, or Hall inevitably have to sit a first half becuase of inept officiating.

It's coming together at the right time, again, and the sky is the limit when it comes to 2023-24 Michigan State basketball.