The 3 unexpected ways Michigan State basketball beat Michigan and what it means

Michigan State v Michigan
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3. The bench

While the center position continues to hold the Spartans back (seven combined points on 3-of-8 shooting), Carson Cooper and Jaxon Kohler continue to give the Spartans quality, well non-atrocious, minutes off the bench. Kohler continues to improve each game, grabbing seven rebounds including three offensive. Cooper was +16 when on the floor.

Mady Sissoko continued to provide nothing on the offensive or defensive side, playing seven minutes and finishing with a -7 thanks to his atrocious defense on Tarris Reed Jr. The good news is that he didn't attempt a shot which is essentially as good as a turnover 50 percent of the time. Again, I think Mady is a wonderful story and by all means, a fantastic human being, but he needs to see minutes against the opponent's second unit until he can give the Spartans starter statistics.

The non-center bench unit was the real star of the show.

Coen Carr had eight points, two steals, and two insane dunks in just eight minutes in the first half. Tre Holloman, who is quickly becoming a fan favorite and a defensive stalwart, had a block, a steal, and an assist to go with his six points. Even Xavier Booker grabbed more rebounds than Sissoko in just three minutes of action.

Then there's Davis Smith, who delivered when called upon. After Holloman's second foul, Izzo was taking no chances and put the senior guard to just run out the clock. But his hustle and Dug McDaniel's brain malfunction put him at the line with under a second to go. He hits his two free throws and put his feet up for the rest of the game.