The 3 best things Aidan Chiles said after the Spring Showcase (Video)

Minnesota v Michigan State
Minnesota v Michigan State / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages
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3. Chiles discusses what he has learned from Tommy Schuster

The final thing Chiles discussed was his relationship with transfer quarterback Tommy Schuster and what he’s learned from him. It’s an interesting dynamic between these two because Schuster also transferred to Michigan State this winter, but he did so knowing he might not be the starter.

Schuster spent his five collegiate seasons at North Dakota, before entering the portal looking for a new school for one final season. Instead of going somewhere where he’d be guaranteed to be the starter, he chose Michigan State, his dream school.

Even though Schuster won’t be the starter, he can still help the team immensely. Chiles knows this as well, and said, “I take things I shouldn't be taking, and Tommy takes what the defense is giving him. I like Tommy, he is a cool dude to be around.”

Chiles knows that Schuster can help him out this season. He shared that they both bring different mindsets to the position, and Chiles can take what Schuster has learned in his five collegiate seasons and apply it to what he’s trying to accomplish right now.

So even though Schuster won’t show up much in the box score this season, his impact can’t be understated. And I'm glad that Chiles notices this.