Recent history tells us Frankie Fidler will be huge addition to Michigan State basketball

Stetson v Nebraska- Omaha
Stetson v Nebraska- Omaha / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

In case you missed it, earlier on Tuesday Omaha transfer Frankie Fidler made it official and committed to Michigan State basketball. He is a monumental addition to the team and someone that likely will be a day one starter.

It obviously goes without saying that we have to wait and see how good Fidler ends up becoming at Michigan State, but if the Spartans recent transfer acquisitions tell us anything, then this pickup by Tom Izzo will be massive for the team's success.

Joey Hauser and Tyson Walker success as transfers

We all know that Izzo isn't the biggest fan of the transfer portal. We also know that he doesn't use the portal very often either. But did you know that the last two transfers Izzo has gotten are Joey Hauser and Tyson Walker?

It was forever ago (at least in college basketball terms) that these two guys transferred to Michigan State. Hauser joined MSU in 2019 and Walker joined the Spartans ahead of the 2021-22 season. Neither player had a huge impact straight out of the gate for Michigan State, but they both blossomed into elite players for the Spartans.

It's no secret that Walker was the heart and soul of the team this past season. Without him I don't know if Michigan State would have made the NCAA Tournament. But for two seasons now, Walker was the best player on Michigan State by far, and Izzo got him from the portal. Then you add in Hauser who was the second-best player on last year's team, and you can really see how large of an impact transfers under Izzo have had.

Now Walker and Hauser's success at Michigan State doesn't guarantee that Fidler will find similar success as well, but Izzo has struck gold the last two times he has dipped into the portal. History repeats itself, so maybe it will repeat itself again and Fidler will turn into one of the best players on the team and lead Michigan State to a lot of success.