Ranking the 3 most important positions Michigan State basketball needs in the portal

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Transfer portal season is in full swing and many programs have already made their teams much better by landing transfers out of the portal. That however hasn't happened for Michigan State basketball yet. It isn't for a lack of effort as MSU and Tom Izzo have been linked with three transfers so far. But the Spartans are yet to land any of their targets, and the urgency to get a transfer is slowly increasing as the days go by.

There are a few positions that Michigan State could target in the portal, but here are the three most important I think they should focus on, ranked.

1. Center

If I had to guess, this is probably the most important position for every Spartan fan. The center position has been somewhat of a disaster the last few seasons and one of the biggest reasons for the team's struggles this year. So regardless of what transpired this offseason, Michigan State needed a new center.

The urgency to get a center went up even more this past week as Mady Sissoko entered the transfer portal. I think Sissoko would have been a solid option off the bench for MSU and could have played about 10 minutes per game next season, but with his departure, that many more minutes open up that need to be filled.

I also don't think any player on the roster or coming to the program out of high school is good enough to be a starter in the Big Ten either. So Tom Izzo needs to get a solid starting center out of the portal if Michigan State is going to compete with the best of the Big Ten next year.