Post-official visit recruiting roundup for Michigan State football

Taking stock of the Spartans in the world of recruiting post official visit season.
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What does the class look like heading into the season?

Not all of the 13 prospects who are not committed to MSU were realistically going to come here. Vanzale Hinton and Bobby Kanka were firmly committed to their respective schools upon visiting. The MSU coaching staff did a good job of building relationships with them and presenting a good enough pitch to at least get them to come check East Lansing out. That is a good start, but you can’t fault them for not making the flips there. Kanka and Hinton don’t appear to be flip candidates anymore.

Bradley Gompers and Brad Fitzgibbon both ended up committing to their respective schools over Michigan State. There isn’t much to say besides that they felt other schools were better for them overall. Can’t be mad at that. MSU was never going to hit on all prospects coming in for visits. 

That leaves nine uncommitted players remaining. 

Let’s start with the two players I see MSU potentially having a good shot to land eventually. Keep in mind, I don’t think this will for sure happen, but I like what Michigan State has done so far and I can expect the staff to keep working diligently to land these two. They would be Bryson Williams and Grant Beerman. Bryson is being recruited by MSU to play both sides of the ball but they are focusing a lot on his skills offensively. He can play receiver and running back on the offensive side of the ball. Defensively, he could line up at linebacker and even cover some guys in a pinch.

Williams has narrowed his list of teams down to five schools. He is slated to make a commitment on July 2. He may be torn enough still to push back a couple of days, but he wants to wrap this up soon. Academics are playing a big roll in his decision, too. MSU seems to stand well there, however, Harvard is a school listed in his top five. He has said he’d feel comfortable attending any of his top five. An X-factor involved is that MSU has a few of his high school team mates as part of this class and are pursuing another still.

Beerman wrapped up his official visit run with a trip to West Virginia. He has visited there three times and is certainly comfortable with their staff. He likes all of his top four schools due to their location from his home town in Ohio. His final four are MSU, West Virginia, Cincinnati, and Purdue. He is expected to decide within the coming days or in the first part of July. 

Beerman has been seen being recruited hard on Spartan Twitter and social media by many fans and current MSU class commits. By all indications, he likes how MSU’s class is coming together. Hopefully, the 6-foot-4 linebacker prospect sees himself as a big part of it. 

To be frank, the remaining seven undecided prospects I am not as high on. Most seem to be committing within the next month or so and all of them appear to be heading in the opposite direction of MSU. Things could obviously change. There is still plenty of time. However, it looks like we may miss out on the rest of the recruits. 

Houston Torres, LaRue Zamorano, and Sherrod Henderson all loved their time at MSU but it appears like the Spartans may end up finishing second in each of their races. Zamorano has mentioned MSU on social media several times lately, so maybe some last minute pitching can change his mind.

Mykah Newberry, Jon Denman, and Chris McCorkle don’t appear to be trending in the Spartans direction either but again, that could change quickly.

Overall, the Spartans have a great group moving forward. I would expect we at least pick up one more commitment heading into the season. Once in season, the staff did a great job of keeping a healthy amount of official visits to use on players they want to either circle back on or players that may jump up their boards with great seasons. One more commitment would bring Michigan State to 15 going into the fall. I would be really happy with that. Then we can focus on football, filling out some roster holes, and making sure everyone who is committed signs on signing day.