New elite transfer portal center Michigan State basketball should target

Mar 31, 2024; Detroit, MI, USA; Tennessee Volunteers forward Jonas Aidoo (0) plays the ball in the
Mar 31, 2024; Detroit, MI, USA; Tennessee Volunteers forward Jonas Aidoo (0) plays the ball in the / Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

As the days tick by, one question continues to live rent free in my head. When will Tom Izzo go after a center in the transfer portal? After last night’s news surrounding Oakland star Trey Townsend, Michigan State basketball has now been publicly connected to four players in the portal so far.

However, none of those players are a center.

Getting a center is by far the most important thing Michigan State needs out of the portal, especially after Mady Sissoko entered the portal. So I’m just as confused as the rest of you as to why the Spartans haven’t been linked with any cneters yet.

However, a new star big man has just entered the portal that I believe Izzo should go after.

Star Tennessee center Jonas Aidoo just announced that he will be entering the transfer portal. He is about as good of a center as you could hope to find in the portal. He started slow in his college career, but had a solid sophomore season where he averaged 5.1 points and 4.9 rebounds per game. But it was this past season as a junior when he took things to the next level.

This past season, Aidoo averaged 11.4 points and 7.3 rebounds per game. He also shot a career high 51.5 percent from the field as well. Jonas does also have the ability to knock down the occassional 3-pointer, but at just 20 percent I would think Izzo would tell him to not spend time on the perimeter.

Not only is he a force on offense, Aidoo is an elite rim protector as well. This year he averaged 1.8 blocks per game. The Spartans haven’t had a threat like that down low on defense in a while, so that surely would be a welcomed sight.

But the reason I think Aidoo could be a likely target for Izzo is because he only has one year of eligibility remaining. We all know what Izzo’s feelings about the portal are, so I can’t imagine he wants to use the portal for long term needs. So I could see Izzo wanting a one year rental from the portal to give some younger guys on the team more time to develop and hopefully grow into more productive players. That’s exactly what Aidoo would be able to do for the team next year.

Regardless of who Izzo decides to target, he needs to get at least one center from the portal. I’m beginning to get a little concerned that we haven’t heard anything about a center yet, but hopefully he has a master plan that will work out in the long run.