Michigan State hockey's 2024 NHL Draft recap

Michigan State v Notre Dame
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Patrick Geary

In one of the awesome, “feel good” stories of the draft, Patrick Geary was selected 172nd overall by the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday. The awesome part of this selection is that Patrick is from Buffalo and he spent his youth hockey days playing for the Buffalo Junior Sabres. It’s nice to see when team select a hometown kid.

Buffalo has generated a ton of hockey talent over the years. Most notably probably being Patrick Kane. It’s not often do players often get the chance to come home and play for the team you loved to watch growing up. Now Geary has the chance to do so. 

Geary had a very solid season for the Spartans. His biggest moment came in overtime of the Big Ten Tournament title game when he scored the game winning goal for the Spartans. That goal sent arch-rival Michigan home and secured the Spartan’s their first ever Big Ten Tournament title.