Michigan State Football: Why fans should be excited about the 2024 RB class

Penn State v Michigan State
Penn State v Michigan State / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

With Michigan State football having a successful early signing day on Thursday, it leaves many Spartan fans feeling rejuvenated. One thing Spartan fans should feel extra excited about is the new running back tandem of Brandon Tullis and Makhi Frazier. 

Tullis, a native of Frisco, Texas, shows nice vison in the backfield. He uses his patience, and his splendid footwork to find the hole and get going toward the endzone. His agility is on display as he is often cutting away from defenders to gain extra yards.

Frazier, also a Texas native, is an absolute wrecking ball. Standing at 5-foot-11, 215 pounds, Frazier does not shy away from contact. As a running back, he falls forward after contact and isn’t afraid to get physical.  He show’s fantastic burst at the second level for a back his size. A college weight program will make an already impressive athlete even better. Frazier might be a big problem for Big Ten defenses in the future. 

Frazier also played linebacker in high school. On defense, he has he nonstop motor that is always delivering a heavy blow to the ball carrier in front of him. 

Now you might be thinking, why should I get so excited about two lower rated three-star running backs? Well, Jonathan Smith runs a very running back friendly offense. He has also had four straight years of having a first-team all Pac-12 running backs at Oregon State. 

New Michigan State running backs coach Keith Bhonapha also boasts an impressive record of coaching running backs from his time at Washington, Boise State and Oregon State. 

Being coached by an offensive-minded coaching staff, Tullis and Frazier have a chance to really excel as Spartans. The run-friendly offense, along with the coaching staff having an excellent track record with developing running backs, gives some nice building blocks for the two incoming backs.

There are many things Michigan State fans should be very excited about moving forward and the two class of 2024 Lone Star State running backs should be right at the top of the list.