Michigan State football's 'Spring Showcase' should provide positivity

With Spring Practice coming to a close on Saturday at the Spartan Spring Showcase, Michigan State Football has some vibes about it that haven't been there for some time.
NCAA Football: Spartan Stadium
NCAA Football: Spartan Stadium / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

The Jonathan Smith era of Michigan State football, will get it's first real test on Saturday, as the his 2024 team will take to Spartan Stadium to showcase the work they have been putting in during their spring practices.

Fans will make the trip to East Lansing to get their first look at the new regime, and hopefully have have some positive vibes coming out of the day.

It has been a long time since their have been some positive vibes with the program, as the fans' trust in the team and players were pretty well burnt out under the last regime.

You have to go back to the Mark Dantonio era to remember the last time the Spartans played a 'real' spring game.

They won't be doing that at the Spring Showcase, but we as the fans are still going to get a chance to see what they have been working so hard on this offseason. No pun intended but I certainly hope they will be hitting each other some.

The last regime promised a lot of things, but they certainly didn't deliver. I'm positive this new group can get Michigan State back to where it belongs.

Positivity is the best hope for Saturday's event, and I believe that is going to be one of the biggest takeaways.

Positivity and confidence in the new staff, along with having the quarterback room squared away will be the biggest things to be happy about.

Aidan Chiles might be the best established quarterback the Spartans have had since Connor Cook, and to think that was nearly 10 years ago. No, we haven't seen Chiles in-game action in the green and white but to have confidence in a quarterback during the spring feels good to me. The rest of Spartan Nation I would hope feels the same.

The fanbase needs some positivity, especially with how tough these past several years have been for the university as a whole. So hopefully the Spring Showcase can provide that.