Michigan State football's over/under win total projection is disrespectful

Michigan State coach Jonathan Smith talks the media on the first national signing day for college
Michigan State coach Jonathan Smith talks the media on the first national signing day for college / Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA

Can you believe it that the college football season is only three and half months away? With the season not too far out, it's time to start looking at Michigan State football's roster and schedule and predict how many wins we think they'll get in year one under Jonathan Smith.

And if some of you are into betting on sports like I am, it's time to place those futures bets on how many wins you think Michigan State and other teams will have this season.

Earlier this offseason, MSU's win total was set at 5.5. However, that number has recently changed and is shockingly low now.

According to Action Sports HQ, Michigan State's new over/under win total is set at just 4.5 games. Now we all know that MSU won't be competing for a Big Ten championship this season, but to have the lowest over/under betting line in the conference makes no sense.

Yes there are some automatic losses on the schedule this season, but in my opinion I only see three. Ohio State, Oregon, and Michigan. Outside of those three games, I think Michigan State has a chance to rack up a lot of wins.

The start of the season is quite kind to Michigan State as they host Florida Atlantic and Prairie View A&M and travel for road games against Maryland and Boston College. Those two home games should be easy wins and MSU stands a good chance at winning the two road games as well. The most likely outcome in these four games is probably 3-1, which already brings the team two wins away from hitting the over.

After those four games, Michigan State hits their tough stretch with the three auto losses I mentioned all right next to each other. However, between those three games is a home game against Iowa, another game Michigan State could realistically win.

Then to wrap the season up, Michigan State has another easy four-game stretch. Three home games against Indiana, Purdue, and Rutgers and one final road trip to Illinois is how MSU ends their season, and those are four more winnable games.

Will Michigan State win all nine of those "winnable" games? Probably not. But I think the chance to go 5-4 at worst to hit the over is extremely high.

I won't ever tell someone what they should do with their money, but I will be making a wager on the over very soon before this line ultimately moves up before the season begins.