Michigan State football has played, but never beaten, these FBS teams

The Michigan State football team has had plenty of success over the years. However, the Spartans are still yet to beat some FBS teams.
Michigan State v Illinois
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Michigan State football has a long history. Dating back to 1896, the program has an overall record of 730-487-44.

The program ranks 27th all-time in wins among FBS programs. What's more, MSU has spent 419 weeks in the AP Poll, which is the 22nd-most of any program.

Along the way, Michigan State has run into some programs that it has not been able to beat. Of course, most of those series have been contested only a handful of times.

In fact, of all the teams that MSU has played but never beaten, none of the series have been played more than twice. What's more, in many cases, those games were contested ages ago.

Michigan State has taken on 146 different opponents and only stands winless against 11 of them. Here's the complete list of teams the Spartans have played but never beaten.

Michigan State football vs. Alabama

Overall Record: 0-2
First Meeting: 2011
Last Meeting: 2015

Being unable to beat Alabama is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, the Crimson Tide is one of the top programs in the nation.

In 2011, MSU took on Bama for the first time in the Capital One Bowl as the capper of the 2010 season. Things did not go well that day.

The Tide jumped out to a 49-0 lead before MSU would score a garbage time TD in a 49-7 loss. That day, MSU QB Kirk Cousins was only 10-18 passing for 120 yards and a pick.

In 2015, things weren't much better for MSU. In a 38-0 loss in the Cotton Bowl, the Spartans had only 210 yards of total offense including just 29 yards on the ground.

There are no future meetings with Alabama scheduled right now. Therefore, the Spartans will have to live with the painful memories of their two tangles with the Tide.