Michigan State Football: 3 traditions I want to see in EA Sports College Football 25

Michigan State v Ohio State
Michigan State v Ohio State / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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2. Fans rushing the field after an upset win

It's a tradition unlike any other. It's a game where the fans pile in just to support the players while they lose by 30 to a better team. But after the first quarter, the team is only down by three or better yet, up by three. Chances are the other team didn't take yours seriously to start the game and they'll wake up and coast to that easy victory.

But sometimes, that lead that the underdog has given them the ultimate weapon: belief.

Whether it's a defensive stand or game-winning field goal, the upset win over a clearly better opponent is one of the greatest feelings a sports fan can have. Even rarer is seeing it in person. The College Football video game should feature your team's fans rushing the field if it's a big home upset.

If they really want to go the extra mile, they can have mini-games like "Test your Might" in Mortal Kombat but instead of karate chopping various blocks, once you're on the field you can take down a goal post by pushing the correct buttons, get pushed by an opposing player resulting in their suspension, and take a selfie with various players and coaches.

They can also add in the possibility of the Spartans coming out slow the next game coming off an emotional high à la the Purdue game after beating Michigan in 2021.