Michigan State beat writer doesn’t think Tom Izzo will use the portal for a center

Michigan State v Mississippi State
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The one question that remains this offseason for Michigan State basketball is if Tom Izzo will use the transfer portal for a new center. Izzo has shown he is willing to use the portal as he grabbed forward Frankie Fidler from Omaha, but the one position pretty much everyone thinks needs to be addressed hasn’t been yet.

With the transfer portal officially closed, now would be the best time for Izzo to make his move. He no longer needs to wait and see what happens to his roster and he also knows all of the available players in the portal. So if Izzo was going to go after a center, now would be that time.

But I, along with probably most of you, aren’t too confident that he will do what most Michigan State fans think he should do. And unfortunately, a Michigan State basketball best writer doesn’t think Izzo will make a move either.

Kyle Austin thinks Izzo won’t use the portal

To be fair to Izzo, nobody outside of the program right now knows without a doubt if Izzo will use the portal for a center or not. But the local beat writers for Michigan State would be the people more in the know than the average fan. And unfortuantely for us fans, he thinks Izzo won’t use the portal either.

Kyle Austin with MLive was asked on X to ask Izzo if he thinks his centers are good enough to make a run in the NCAA Tournament. Austin’s response was very clear.

Now this doesn’t directly say if Izzo will still go to the portal or not, but I think it’s a safe assumption that if Izzo is confident in his centers then he won’t feel the need to add someone else to the group.

I personally think this is a mistake and will severely lower the ceiling of this year’s team. But unfortunately by opinion doesn’t matter, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens and hope Izzo’s decision to roll with his guys proves us wrong.