Michigan State basketball's Coen Carr still a highlight reel waiting to happen

Michigan State's Coen Carr, has made himself known to the world with his highlight throwdowns. But despite that, a pretty quiet offseason for Carr has many wondering what to expect in his sophomore season.
Illinois v Michigan State
Illinois v Michigan State / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages

Michigan State Basketball certainly had some highlight reel dunks during the 2023-24 season, primarily at the hands of Coen Carr. The rising sophomore made plays in spurts but quieted down during the final stretch of the season.

The forward will need to make a big leap this coming season, but not much has been known about what that jump will look like.

However, the 6-foot-5 forward made some noise this week with another one of his highlight-worthy dunks.

Carter Elliott from Sleeper's Media posted a video where Carr showcased his athletic prowess. A video posted to X shows Carr throwing down a dunk, which I can say is just incredible.

Carr was known for his throwdown dunks for Michigan State, along with his dreads, but the sophomore now lacks the long hair and has gone for a short buzz hairstyle these days.

The Georgia native has showcased his dunking and speed, but I'm hoping for him to make a big leap in 2024. The Spartan team needs it, especially if he can get a jumper going, which he showcased more in high school than he did in his first season in East Lansing.

Then again, I would like to see Carr get some minutes at the four-spot instead of on the wing. There is one guarantee though: Carr's dunking ability and athleticism will be on full display every time he's on the court.

Miles Bridges could sure dunk it, but Carr to me is the best dunker Michigan State has had since Jason Richardson. Ironically, Coen will have J-Rich's son as a teammate this coming season.

I can't wait for a Jase Richardson lob to Coen Carr highlight.