Michigan State basketball legend Drew Neitzel gets shoutout from Devin Booker

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports / Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

In a viral moment on social media Phoenix Suns star and Team USA Basketball member Devin Booker gave some love to Michigan State basketball.

Booker admitted in a video shared on the NBA's X account that the first autograph he ever got was from former Michigan State legend Drew Neitzel.

" Drew Neitzel," Booker said. "If you're familiar, Grand Rapids Legend. Was actually at his camp. He went to Michigan State."

Booker, a Grand Rapids, Mich., native himself, was a long-time target for Tom Izzo, who eventually went to Kentucky, and gave some great praise to Neitzel who was a legend in the Grand Rapids area in high school.

The video of Booker shouting out Neitzel was also shared by Michigan State Basketball's X page.

Despite playing for Kentucky, Booker has long shown his loyalty to the State of Michigan, typically seen sporting a Red Wings jersey, or a Detroit Tigers old English D hat going into arena's across the country.

Ironically, Booker's Suns are owned by former Spartan walk-on Mat Ishbia. So it's great to see Booker respect the Spartans so much. He's certainly a player that I wish we could have had in the green and white.

It's still cool to see the impact Michigan State basketball has had on so many other players in the world.

I remember the days of Drew Neitzel being the point guard for Izzo. Though I don't have his autograph, I do recall meeting him at the Breslin Center one time, when I was younger. As a kid he was one of my favorite players.

This viral moment from Booker further proves that Michigan State's national brand is alive and well. So for the doubters, Michigan State isn't going anywhere.