Michigan State Basketball: 3 benchmarks to prepare for the NCAA Tournament

Iowa v Michigan State
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2. Malik Hall getting the ball in crunch time

Malik Hall has been Michigan State's leading scorer in 4-of-7 games played in the month of February. How is it possible that he didn't attempt a shot in the last 5:40 of the Ohio State game? Yes, he had one turnover, but the shot selections to end the game were as follows: A failed dunk attempt by Jaden Akins and then missed 3-pointer, Tyson Walker missing a 3-pointer, a made layup my Walker, and a missed layup by AJ Hoggard, not to mention two lazy turnovers by Hoggard and Mady Sissoko.

Just 1-for-5 with no shot attempts by your hot scorer.

Instead of trying to create mismatches, it was 15 seconds of standing around then an iso play by a guard. The whole game showed that Akins and Walker were not serious scoring threats, shooting a combined 6-for-24.

Hall was 5-for-9, and went 4-for-4 from the free throw line. If he's not hitting shots, he's getting to the foul line. He's done everything we've asked him, and more. To not reward him with crucial touches at the end of a game is a basketball crime.

With any close games going forward, Malik needs to have the ball in his hands.