Jaxon Kohler may be a threat from 3-point range now (Video)

Michigan State forward Jaxon Kohler (0) dribbles against Minnesota forward Parker Fox (23) during
Michigan State forward Jaxon Kohler (0) dribbles against Minnesota forward Parker Fox (23) during / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

It's no secret that the center spot is up in the air heading into next season for Michigan State basketball. The position has been shaky for the last few seasons and it appears Tom Izzo will not be utilizing the transfer portal for a new center. So it's on the guys on the roster to drastically improve so the center spot doesn't hold the team back again this year.

One of those guys that everyone is hoping will take a big step forward is Jaxon Kohler. The junior big man has a chance to be the starter down low for Michigan State, which may be a scary thing for some MSU fans.

However, Kohler just posted a few videos on X showcasing his recent workout, and he looks to be improving at a fast rate.

Kohler has always been known to be someone with elite post moves and footwork, but that hasn't been something we've seen consistently in East Lansing. That may not entirely be Kohler's fault.

Kohler was healthy his freshman season and showed glimpses of what he can do down low. But I won't hold his lack of consistency as a freshman against him since it's hard for any player to adjust to college ball in their first season. Then we have last season where Kohler missed the first half of the season due to injury. Again, it's hard for anyone to come back midseason after missing that much time, so it once again is hard to hold that against him.

But these videos show me that his health is no longer an issue. So with an entire offseason in front of him still, maybe he can blossom into a consistent threat down low for Michigan State.

Is Kohler adding a 3-point shot?

One thing that none of Michigan State's centers have is a 3-point shot. That might be changing for Kohler this offseason.

Kohler will undoubtedly be the starter down low if he can hit this shot regularly in games. Having a big that can stretch the floor like this would do wonders for Michigan State's offense and create so much more space and cutting lanes for the rest of the team to operate in. So if this shot becomes consistent from Kohler, that would raise the ceiling of this team immensely.

Now, to be fair, there is no defense in this video, so it's hard to become too confident just from this video. But you can see that the form and rhythm are there for Kohler, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him knock a few down this season.