Gehrig Normand and his brother seen working out with Aidan Chiles

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The offseason can be an extremely exciting time for everyone. Fans get to dream about next season and see what roster moves are made by their favorite team. Coaches get to hit the road and focus on recruting both the high school and transfer portal as well as help their current players improve in the offseason. And players get to focus solely on their development while also having a little extra time to do other things they enjoy as well.

That last part is exactly what has been happening in East Lansing as two stars from the Michigan State football and basketball teams were seen having fun and working out with each other.

How awesome is it to see players from two different teams working out and hanging out with each other? Especially considering Aidan Chiles still hasn't even been on campus for that long, it is so cool to see him getting to know athletes from other sports teams as well.

Also pictured with Aidan and Gehrig Normand is Michigan State offensive lineman Cooper Terpstra and Gehrig's younger brother Noah Normand who is currently a quarterback in high school and it appears Chiles is even helping him get better. It's important to note that Gehrig's younger brother is not a target for Michigan State at this time. He is a solid quarterback, but his only offer according to 247Sports is to Miami (OH).

But regardless of all that, this is just another example of the elite culture we have at Michigan State. Aidan is extremely busy already with spring practice and classes, but he still took the time out of his day to help Normand's younger brother become a better player. I doubt that happens at many other schools, but that's just the norm here in East Lansing.