Frankie Fidler is impressed with what he’s seen from Xavier Booker

Ohio State v Michigan State
Ohio State v Michigan State / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages

I think it’s safe to say that a majority of Michigan State fans are most excited to see what transfer Frankie Fidler brings to the team next season. Fidler, who has been on campus now for a couple weeks, has gotten the chance to finally start working with his new teammates and becoming acclimated to the new style of play under Tom Izzo.

There is a lot of adjusting that he’ll have to do before the season begins, and one of those things is learning how to play with each of his teammates. During that process, one player has stood out to him the most, and that is Xavier Booker.

During an interview with Justin Spiro on The Spiro Avenue Show, Fidler shared that he is “shocked” from what he’s seen from Booker so far. And I couldn’t be more excited to hear that from him.

There’s no denying that Booker may just be the most important player for Michigan State next season. He has the most upside out of anyone on the team and can help sure up the play down low which has been such a struggle for this team in recent years.

We saw how great Booker can be towards the end of last season, but the question now is if he can elevate his game even more this offseason and be at that highest level more consistently. By all accounts it appears he is heading that way as his weight and strength has drastically improved since he first arrived on campus as a freshman. Now to hear someone with as much college experience as Fidler is already this impressed with him makes me even more excited for what Booker can bring this year.

In a few short months we’ll soon find out just how great each of these guys are, but my gut is telling me that something special is brewing in East Lansing.