Former Michigan State football players sound off on Jaden Mangham

Oct 28, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Michigan State Spartans defensive back Jaden Mangham (1)
Oct 28, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Michigan State Spartans defensive back Jaden Mangham (1) / Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State football transfer Jaden Mangham has made his intentions clear: he is looking elsewhere in the Big Ten for his next destination. Ohio State and Nebraska are both possibilities, but the third team he has included for a visit is a team that has former Spartan football players and fans going crazy.

Mangham has included Michigan State's most hated rival as one of his possible landing spots, and it has Spartan Nation in a frenzy. How can a Spartan even think about transferring to the University of Michigan. MSU and Michigan are heated rivals, and to think that someone would even consider going to that other school is insane.

Michigan State fans are passionate, and once that news broke, Spartan Twitter was all over it. But the fans aren't the only ones with thoughts on Mangham's possible future home.

In fact, two former Spartan receivers took to X to put their two cents in. Those players were Tony Lippett and Felton Davis III, both of which were key contributors in the history of the MSU-Michigan rivalry.

Both shared similar sentiment about Mangham's possible choice, and that they hope he does, because he clearly doesn't understand the rivalry, or why both schools hate each other.

Lippett was then asked by other fans in response what he would've done if offered money back in his time, and he responded saying it would've took a lot of money to take him away from his friends at Michigan State, and even so he would never pick that other school no matter what.

Davis III later quote Lippett's tweet with his own response to the news.

The pair's thoughts on X along with the thoughts of many throughout the Michigan State fanbase seems to have struck a cord with Jaden's family as the rest of the Manghams appear to be at odds over the reaction from Spartan Nation.

People will think what they want, but to even consider transferring to Michigan is crazy, especially given Jaden was a freshman on the 2022 team and in Ann Arbor when the now infamous 'tunnel incident'.

To think he would want to go to the school that called his teammates thugs, and that everyone on Michigan State needed to be locked up, is beyond me.

I, for one, am not going to miss him, especially if he indeed does choose Michigan. You do you, but you certainly aren't a real Spartan Dawg, like Lippett and Davis.